Our friends Connie and Fidelis had us to dinner recently, and we feasted on some seriously good curry. We had Bombay potatoes and a chicken curry, pickles and Fidelis’ own pickled green chillies, which blew my head right OFF (stop laughing, certain readers in Malaysia).


Pics by Fidelis Rego, Curry Chef Extraordinaire

Since then, I’ve been craving chilli hits at almost every meal. It wasn’t enough to just have my mouth tingle, but I was after some serious burn. So with that in mind, I set off to make my own curry, from scratch, from whole spices.


Mmm…whole spices smell amazing! Especially when I bash away at it with a mortar and pestle! Then I realise that while it’s an exhilarating sensory experience, it takes a loooong time to reduce it to a fine powder. Time for some reinforcements…


Put them all in a spice grinder…exert myself by pressing a button for 2-3 seconds…look! Fine powder! 


I chose to make this curry because, it’s really quite a simple one (relatively speaking) to make. All it needs is spice, meat and coconut milk, and then a gentle simmer until the meat is tender. If you don’t want to use whole spice (and having to grind them), just substitute with ground/powdered spice. I served this curry with rice and a very simple, tangy carrot salad. The tangy carrot salad/relish is not something I’ve made before, but I think now that I will always have that with a curry. The cool, tangy carrot perfectly balanced the rich, spicy curry. Now I understand why Indians love pickles with their curry!

You’ll find a similar recipe to the one I used, here. Enjoy!