These little gems have oats, yoghurt and three different kinds of fruit in them, and have no sugar! They’re sweetened with only a little honey, and the result is a barely-there hint of sweetness, very moist and blueberry-juicy kind of muffin. I like having them on their own, or warmed up, split and buttered. If you like it sweet, split them and spread some jam on them (oh, that’s got my mouth watering!) I’m also going to try it with some spreadable Philly cream cheese. The beauty of their being not-very-sweet is that you have the choice of having something a little savoury with them, like some salted butter, or sweet, ie with jam or honey. They’ve been a welcome change to the ol’ breakfast routine. Enjoy!

Best Ever Breakfast Muffins

Makes 12 muffins


2 cups self-raising flour

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

2/3 cup rolled oats

2 eggs, lightly beaten

200g natural yoghurt

2 medium ripe bananas, mashed

1 medium apple, grated

1/2 cup honey

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries


Preheat oven to 190°C/170°C fan-forced.

Line twelve 1/3 cup-capacity non-stick muffin holes with large paper cases.

Sift flour and cinnamon into a bowl. Stir in rolled oats. Make a well in the centre.

Add eggs, yoghurt, banana, apple and honey. Stir to just combine. Fold in blueberries.

Divide mixture between paper cases.

 Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden and a skewer inserted into 1 muffin comes out clean.

You’ll find the original recipe here



I remember going on banana benders as a kid. I LOVED bananas. I still like them now, but when I was little, they were an obsession. I used to eat them ever sooooo slowly and savour them. And go back for more. I remember quite vividly, the day my Mum came home from work to find that the bunch of bananas she had bought just the day before, decimated. ‘You are allowed ONE banana a day, Joanne’. Yep. I was put on banana rations. I don’t can’t remember if I stuck to the one-banana-a-day rule, but I don’t think I ever ate a whole bunch in one day again.

Bananas are a little pricey right now, thanks to Cyclone Yasi, which wiped out entire banana plantations in northern Queensland. I figured that making banana bread would be a good way to make a banana last. But I didn’t want to make an ordinary banana bread. I wanted one that was a little special. I trawled the net for a recipe and my goodness, there must be thousands of banana bread recipes out there! I also did a little research on the difference between banana bread and banana cake – the cake has a little more fat and sugar in it, but they are more or less the same thing. Once you slather the butter on the banana bread, the difference will be negligible. It occurs to me now that I’m glad it’s called banana ‘bread’, because then I have a perfectly good reason to butter it. Yum!



Banana and Raspberry Bread

2 cups plain flour

1/2 cup sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

3 large overripe bananas, mashed

1/4 cup milk

1 large egg

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries


Heat oven to 180C
Grease and flour a loaf pan (or a heart-shaped pan like mine!)
Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt, mix well. Make a well in center; set aside.
Combine bananas, milk, egg, and vanilla; fold in raspberries
Pour batter into center of dry ingredients; fold together until combined. Do not overmix
Pour batter into pan; bake 1 hour or until your cake tester/skewer inserted in the center comes out clean
Cool in pan on a wire rack for 10 minutes.
Remove from pan; cool completely
Serve warm with plenty of butter!