I’m a freelance food writer and I live to eat, read, cook and write. I started out writing for a client who ran a cooking school. I researched and wrote on the different cuisines that she taught – Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese, to name a few. I also researched and wrote about baking, cooking with ingredients like chocolate, and cooking for celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Right now I’m working towards getting some freelance work. Relaunching and writing this blog gives me practice, especially in the area of food photography!

Some other random facts about me: I live in Toowoomba, QLD Australia; I have a post grad diploma in Gastronomy; I’m currently addicted to eating hot and spicy food; I think about exercise almost everyday; I’ve trained my little family to ‘Click Before We Eat’ ie almost everything I make gets photographed; when I’m not eating/reading/cooking/writing, I’m probably on Facebook.


3 Responses to “About me, josashimi”

  1. Linda Stacey Says:

    HI Jo,
    Spent the morning browsing your website,loved it. Love the aprict Danish recipe!! yum.
    Great to see you pursing your passion, I have no doubt you will be a published author, as you have the necessary ingredients-pun intended! Persistence, focus and passion. I look forward to following your journey. Pat yourself on the back it isn’t easy wearing so many hats. I have only one hat which I take off to you – in admiration. Chow – (pun intended lol) for now Linda 🙂

  2. Linda Stacey Says:

    oops I meant Apricot

  3. josashimi Says:

    Hi, thanks so much for all that encouragement! Persistance, focus and passion – I’ll have to remember those. 😀 I’m looking forward to having you come along on this journey!
    Jo x

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