Dear Readers,

 I have a Joseph Joseph spaghetti server and a pair of sage green-tipped mini tongs to giveaway to one lucky – or rather, curious – winner! All you have to do is post a question(in the comments section) on a culinary conundrum, and the person whose question that I end up answering in a post will win the giveaway. Questions can be anything from – why are hamburgers called hamburgers, when there’s no ham in it? To – how is it that millions of people can eat MSG everyday and not suffer the dreaded Chinese Restaurant syndrome, ie headache and dry throat? Or, why is tomato sauce called catsup? Or, what’s the difference between cookies and biscuits? So go put your thinking hats on, and post me a lovely, juicy conundrum and I might just post you the prize.

Happy cooking and thinking about food!


Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to use a spoon rest…

But then you wouldn’t have an excuse to use a nifty gadget like this…