My sweet friend Angela made me feel really special today when she took me out to breakfast. (Ahhh! What a treat! Isn’t it the nicest thing to be taken out for a meal?) She took me to Engine Room Cafe, a lovely, big old building right by the main railway station here in Toowoomba. I’m guessing it used to be THE engine room – but now it’s a big, beautiful cafe with lots of quirky kitchenware, jewellery, gifts and souvenirs to drool at after you’ve eaten. Coffee and breakfast were very good, and the servings were massive. After breakfast we went to an antique store just next door, where I swooned over old fashioned kitchen utensils, jars, bottles and fine china. I had a heavenly morning! Thanks Ange.


The longest table I’ve ever seen! Love it! (And there’s Angela, in the denim jacket).


My breakfast: Cafe Latte and ‘Engine Starter’ – rye toast topped with pesto, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, baby spinach and pine nuts. Y U M

Fell in love with this canvas mounted print. (*Casts sideways glance BBQ Man*)

A huge and beautiful cheese dome at the antique store

Vintage ‘Arabia’ teacup set also at the antique store