These cinnamon rolls…what can I say. They were difficult to make, and even more difficult to photograph. I was quite convinced that I wouldn’t be able to blog about them – how could I recommend a recipe that had me floundering in the kitchen, the product of which looked like a blob before and after it’d been baked? Well. I ate one, you see. (Then I quickly ate another, but that’s beside the point.) Suffice to say, these were just much, much too delicious not to share. I split a roll open, still warm from the oven, and generously spread butter over…took a bite into soft, buttery, cinnamony heaven. The rolls were light, ever so slightly salty and sweet and the cinnamon was like a rich anointing, warm and oh-so fragrant. Sigh. It was good.



Coming back to reality – these were tricky to make because the dough was very soft and sticky, hence difficult to handle. The recipe said to lay on flour like a snowstorm on the benchtop and then on the dough, when shaping and rolling out. I ended up throwing fistsful of flour all over the benchtop, myself and the Little Miss, (who thought it was it was great) and finally got the dough unsticky enough to roll and cut. No amount of shaping and prodding would make the blobs of dough look like pretty little rolls, so I ended up with baked cinnamon blobs. Not pretty by any means, but wonderful to eat. (I enjoyed breakfast this morning, in case you had any doubts.)

Here is the recipe, which promises cinnamon rolls, made and baked within an hour. It has great step-by-step pics to guide you through the storm. The prize for wading through all that snow-I mean, flour, is absolutely worth it.


Recipe Tip

This recipe calls for buttermilk. You can make a substitute by adding lemon juice to milk, which curdles it and gives it a similar texture to buttermilk. For this recipe I used the same quantity of milk as for the buttermilk, and the juice of 1 lemon. Make it before you begin the recipe and it will be ready when the time comes to mix the wet ingredients in with the dry.