BBQ Man did something rather extraordinary last week. He organised a social event. He’d gotten to know Fidelis through cricket, and Connie through work…and then on Facebook (honestly, where would we be without Facebook?) he realised that they were both married…to each other! So he invited them to dinner and rather adorably (sorry BBQ Man, but it was) said he’d do the BBQ thing AND he would make potato salad. In other words, this was his way of telling me that he would cook dinner. (See? Adorable, right?)

So last night, I had the pleasure of not cooking dinner (I only made the Jamaican jerk chicken marinade from scratch, ie grated nutmeg, juiced and zested lemons, pulled thyme leaves off their stems to mix with 2-3 other spices, and then marinated the chicken, prepped corn, mushrooms and capsicum for the BBQ, set out the sausages for the BBQ and organised a couple of things to nibble on). AND I had the even greater pleasure of meeting Fidelis, Connie and Jemimah. All at once there were smiles all around, happy conversation and laughter, which just increased in volume as the evening wore on. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much!! Needless to say, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to catch up with them again.

BBQ Man, true to his word, made one of his all-time favourite dishes, potato salad. I created this version of potato salad for him, and it’s just about the only thing he’s learned to cook from me, in all the time we’ve been together. It combines all his favourite foods and he’ll eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All it is is potatoes, bacon, mayonnaise and boiled eggs. If I can get beer in there somehow, he would expire from sheer joy. As it is, whenever I tell him I’m making potato salad, he retreats from his usual chatty self and turns into this tightly wound husk of humanity, anticipation oozing from every pore.



Anyway – BBQ Man bbqed jerk chicken, 2 kinds of really good sausages and 3 kinds of veggies to absolute perfection. And his potato salad was a hit. Fidelis made dessert and I must say, I loved everything about it. So simple yet soooo pretty and absolutely delish! Sweet and crunchy rice bubbles coated in dark chocolate, and white chocolate with coconut and flecks of bright red glace cherries. Served in red and white paper cups (love love loved them!), arrayed on a lovely white platter. Swoon.

 Thanks for spending the evening with us, Fidi, Con and Jemimah!