Today’s post is from a Special Guest. Everyone, meet Linda Hunter, who hails from Pittsburgh, USA. She and I went to school together aeons ago. Linda is a passionate cook as well as photographer, so I’m pretty excited about what she’ll be sharing. She’s kicking off her guest spot today with a classic Malaysian dish, Prawn Noodles, or ‘Hae Mee’, in Hokkien. Enjoy.


A week ago Jo invited me to contribute to her blog. Of course I accepted the invitation. It definitely was an honor that she even asked. *blushes* So for the entire week I racked my brain on what recipe to contribute. Something easy, cheap, and yet super tasty. Then I thought, why not ‘Hae Mee’ aka Prawn Noodles since I have several packs of Tean’s Prawn Noodle Paste in the freezer which I do need to use. This is like making instant noodles but up a notch. Trust me, if you don’t tell, people would think that you’ve slaved half a day in the kitchen preparing the stock.


Serves 4

You’ll need:

1 packet Tean’s Gourmet Prawn Noodle Paste

12 prawns or more (preferably with head intact)

½ a chicken breast

Fresh yellow noodles (or vermicelli rice noodles)


Fried Shallots

To make the soup base, boil chicken breast 1.5 liters of water for 20 mins.

Remove chicken and shred the meat.

Add Tean’s Prawn Paste into chicken stock and simmer for 10 mins.

Add prawns into soup for 2 mins prior to serving.

In a separate pot, boil enough water to blanch noodles and beansprouts.

(Fresh yellow noodles. This is what’s available to me here in Pittsburgh, above right.)

 To serve, just dish blanched noodles into individual bowls. Top with prawns, shredded chicken, beansprout, and fried shallots. Ladle stock into bowls

Now, if I get invited back, we’ll cook something more exotic ok? Thanks Jo and Happy Cooking!

(Note: Tean’s Gourmet did not pay me for this write up. That’s how good their products taste. Very authentic and easy to prepare.)