Licorice ice cream is either deeply loved or equally reviled. I don’t think there are any fence sitters on this. I’m not a fan of licorice, and while I like ice cream, I could take it or leave it. Having said that, I actually quite like licorice ice cream. Licorice’s aniseed tang tempered by sweet, creamy ice cream-it’s actually an awesome combination. It’s one of my Dad’s GPs (Grand Passion), and also, my Yakky Sister-In-Law’s. I used to make licorice semifreddo for them, and then I discovered a much easier way of making it. Yakky SIL wants to make it tonight, so this is for you, sis, with all my love. x

Easy Licorice Ice Cream

You will need 2L vanilla ice cream, 200-300g soft eating licorice (I used 270g, which was the entire contents of the pack that I had. It made very strong flavoured licorice ice cream) and a food processor.

 Grab a pack of licorice, put 200-300g in a bowl and cover with cold water. Leave to soak overnight, or until…

The licorice loses its jet blackness and becomes quite soft


Drain well. By this stage you will need to have your ice cream softened, either by microwaving for about a minute on high, or leaving the ice cream out to defrost for about 20-30 mins

Put the licorice and ice cream into a food processor 


Process until well combined, with no large licorice chunks left. 

Freeze the ice cream and serve once it’s frozen-after about 6 hours or overnight. Enjoy!!