Last Friday, as I was hanging out laundry items to dry, I felt a spasm in my lower pack. Moments later I was completely unable to walk without a great deal of pain. I was reduced to shuffling around rather than walking, and had to quickly decide what activities I had to cancel for the day. Some writing would probably be quite manageable. I had planned to shop for and cook dinner for a dear friend, on the occasion of her birthday. I tried to picture pushing a trolley, picking up a joint of pork, placing it in the oven to roast. No, there was no way I would be able to perform any of those tasks.


I sat at the computer and wrote steadily about ravioli when my back began to ache in earnest, and it was then that I realized that my back problems were caused by my sitting on a $20 fold-up chair, with my torso just ever so slightly twisted so that my hand could grasp the mouse – there is no room on our small computer desk for a keyboard and a mouse pad, so the mouse is manipulated on the far side of the little desk. And I was also slouching as is my wont, and leaning on the desk. Twisted, leaning, reaching, for hours on end, in the past month. My lumbar region was pinching extra painfully as I pushed the mouse around. There was no doubt about it. This was a workplace injury.


Clearly I need to speak to my boss about this. She has not provided me with a proper office chair on which to work. She tells me she’s been waiting for her ABN, after which she will invoice her client, and upon receiving remittance she will happily purchase a good office chair for my use.


Well, she’s had to pay more for chiropractic fees than for the chair she has since purchased. These things are here to bug bosses, no doubt about it.


Postscript: A week on and my back is all good again. Chiropractors rock.