Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve actually been busy – wait for it – writing! I ‘ve had a fair bit of work to do and it will be regular for a while, I expect. I hope to be able to do some of the work a little quicker and look at writing other food articles to try and sell.

There have been some incredibly wonderful blessings on the way. My client requested that I do some desktop publishing (newsletters) for her as well as copywriting. So that means more work, and also more opportunity to use my creativity.

That same week, I was given some desktop publishing software, without which I would struggle to produce these newsletters. Thanks, Ames. And then another friend, out of the blue, offered to lend me her laptop on a long term basis (Thanks, Tammy!). And I received in the mail, that same week, a 1gb pen drive, which admittedly does not cost much these days, but it saved me from still having to buy one, anyway (Thanks, Bek!). So – I was pretty much set. I took myself off to the library that week, feeling like a ‘real’ writer. 🙂

Still haven’t summoned the courage to e-mail Erich Van Alphen, which is pretty poor effort – he’ll have forgotten me by now. But i WILL do it on Wednesday.

Thanks for your support and the comments I’ve been receiving here and via e-mail. This journey was terrifying at the start, but seems to have settled down now. I have no idea how long it will last, given the current economic climate and the exceptional qualities of my client – I’ll take each day as it comes.

A little about food:

I’ve been writing about pasta, and learned from the great Giorgio Locatelli (who wrote the most amazing book you’ll ever find on Italian food) that Italians don’t eat spaghetti Bolognese  because it’s the wrong type of sauce for spaghetti. A heavy meat sauce like ‘Bog’ is good with penne, gnocchi and other short pasta shapes. Spaghetti and other long pasta is good with lighter sauces using oil or perhaps just a plain tomato sauce. Giorgio tells us that spag and bog don’t go together because you’ll finish the pasta and leave a pool of meat sauce behind – and a good pasta dish should incorporate the sauce and the pasta perfectly. Go read his book. It’s amazing.

The other thing I’ve learned about food in this past week is this: If you’re at a yum cha restaurant and you’ve just shocked the waiter because you’ve had to ask for 8 forks to use in place of chopsticks, slap yourself on the face and leave immediately. I was foolish and stayed and tried to help my 8 uninitiated friends enjoy yum cha and it was a total, unmitigated disaster. I spent today trying to remember another occasion where I was more mortified/embarrassed/really, really, offended and I can’t remember anything that comes close! Ah well, hopefully it means one day I’ll either forget about it or have a good laugh when I think about it. Perhaps then I’ll be able to post a funny version of it…!