And so. Here I am. At last.

This inaugural post has taken no less than 2 months to complete, no thanks to those unseen gremlins called cookies. A delicious name for undelicious things, mine are now ENABLED from deep, deep within Internet Options.

Right! Now on to the business of writing. And indeed, writing shall be my business. I am freelancing as of now. Or, rather, perhaps as soon as I can register online with the Queensland government. For some reason (oh, please, not cookies again!), their SmartLicense page would not load up on my pc. If this continues I shall have to present myself in person to register, and soon.

My progress so far: Well, I have been in touch with an established freelance writer, who has been very graciously answering my anxious questions about starting. He has also given some invaluable advice on books to read on writing, and some insider tips on editors and publications. He has allayed my fears and given me direction, and suddenly I’m no longer dithering. I really am on my way. And thank you, Justin Russell, I am forever in your debt.

On a whim, I also sent an e-mail to a magazine writer and blogger. She is none other than Joanna Goddard, who has no less than some 810 followers of her blog, A CUP OF JO. Imagine my shock and delight when she replied the very next day. She too, was gracious and recommended a couple of sites to check out.

I have a list of books and sites to read and another of topics to research. In short, plenty of reading and writing to do, what joy. (No sarcasm there! I AM bookish and proud of it!)  The only thing  holding me back is that I have only a couple of days, perhaps not even that, each week to devote to writing. Most of my time and energy is given (and gladly, I will add) my 2.5 year old daughter. Who is, at this point in time, the cause of much joy and angst. What child isn’t? But that is another whole blog tale altogether.

So look out, world. My cookies are enabled and I am here at last.